Byron Ferguson ist DER Trickschütze schlechthin.

Sein Können und wie er daran arbeitet, dieses Niveau zu erreichen, schildert er

in seiner unnachahmlichen Art auf seinen DVDs.

Wir haben ihn persönlich kennengelernt als Entertainer, aber auch in einem

persönlichen Gespräch als sehr sympathischen Naturliebhaber und Bogenjäger.

Seine DVDs sind in Englisch, aber gut verständlich.


byron ferguson barebow


For years archery experts and enthusiasts have considered Byron Ferguson

the modern successor to the legendary Howard Hill.

His trick shots have thrilled crowds from the United States to Europe to Asia.

Now, Byron Ferguson shares his secrets with you in this spectacular and informative 2-DVD set!

You'll learn how to make your own wood arrows, how to select the bow that's right for you,

and how to tune your bow for utmost accuracy.

  • Make Your Own Arrows
  • Bow Selection and Tuning
  • 2-DVD Set, 120 minutes long


byron ferguson tuning for extreme accuracy

"Tuning For Extreme Accuracy"

If anyone knows about accuracy, it's Byron Ferguson.

Consistently ranked as one of the world's greatest marksmen with a longbow,

Byron has appeared on The Tonight Show, The History Channel, ESPN,

and other television shows throughout the world.

If you want to improve your archery accuracy, there's no better teacher than Byron Ferguson, the Longbow Legend!

On this DVD Byron shows you how to take your archery shooting to a new level of Extreme Accuracy.

Byron will teach you not only what to do, but WHY you need to do it.

You'll learn how to tune your shot using all the best methods.

Plus, Byron will even teach you some of his special "secrets"!

At 43 minutes, Tuning for Extreme Accuracy is packed with useful information on improving your accuracy.


byron ferguson become the arrow

"Become The Arrow"

This is the long awaited companion DVD to Byron Ferguson's best selling book, Become the Arrow.

Now you can learn Byron's system for pinpoint accuracy whether you're target shooting or hunting.

Includes a bonus bear hunt with Byron and his son Zach. 45 minutes of great shooting and instruction.

  • Companion book
  • Byron's pinpoint accuracy system
  • 45 minutes long


byron ferguson more incredible shots

"Incredible Shots" und "More Incredible Shots"

Byron is back! One of the greatest archers of modern times shows you more of his uncanny trick shots!

Byron performs shots that until now were thought to be truly IMPOSSIBLE.

No camera tricks! Just Byron, bow, and unbelievable skill! Approximately 83 minutes long.