Die Traditionelle Bogenjagd hat heutzutage viele Gesichter und bietet

vielfältige Möglichkeiten, der Natur und dem Wild extrem nah zu sein

wie bei kaum einer anderen Art der Jagd.

Wir haben folgende englischsprachige Serien im Programm:


traditional adventures

"Traditional Adventueres 1-9" - sehr stimmungsvolle Szenen und mit der Musik von Jim Bowman!

Traditional Adventures, from Bill Langer, is a traditional hunting DVD for the entire family.

Plenty of action including; Maine moose, Florida hogs, Connecticut turkeys, whitetails and Wyoming mulies.

Join the hunters in their many new, "Traditional Adventures."

There's a shot on a moose in this DVD that you have to see to believe! Very good footage, well edited and presented.

If you enjoy hunting videos that spotlight traditional gear, then you'll enjoy this one. 60 minutes Long.

  • Moose, hogs, turkeys, whitetails, and mule deer
  • Great for the entire family, plenty of action
  • 60 minutes long

If you've never seen a Bill Langer DVD give it a try.

Bill, with family and friends, go on bowhunting adventures all over the World.

Share in their success as well as their misses.

Hunting, camaraderie, and laughter for the whole group.

He's got a great down to earth style and invites you along for the recovery process too.

Music by Jim Bowman.


traditional harvest

"Tradititional Harvest 1-6" - mit Fred Eichler auf der Jagd ist immer ein ganz besonderes Vergnügen!

Fred Eichler never backs down from a challenge. And this Traditional Harvests DVD

is full of some of his greatest challenges yet!

Chasing Asiatic buffalo, whitetail deer, mule deer, wild boar, Columbia blacktail,

javelina, Merriams turkey, and small game.

Bonus bow and arrow tuning section.

  • Some of the most exciting hunts yet!
  • Bonus bow and arrow tuning section
  • 81 minutes long

The Traditional Harvests DVD series features 100% Traditional only, blood-pumping bow hunts with Fred Eichler, family, and friends.

Highlights from Easton Bowhunting TV series and personal video of hunts all across the World

chasing big and small game with the stick and string.


easton bowhunting

"Easton Bowhing 1-9" mit Fred Eichler - die bekannte und beliebte US-Serie!

For nine seasons Fred Eichler has been bringing you the best in outdoor action with Easton Bowhunting.

This Season 9 DVD continues the thrills, chills, and kills you've come to expect from Fred over the years.

This two disc set features approximately 4 ½ hours of excellent bowhunting television.

Fred and his family hunt Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Elk, Bear, and Aoudad.

13 exciting adventures!

You'll also enjoy the show where Fred and Michelle Eichler tour 3Rivers Archery with Dale and Sandie Karch.

Fred also harvests a nice Indiana doe on Dale and Sandie's property.

Enjoy Season 9 of Easton Bowhunting with Fred Eichler!

An amazing two disc set with approximately 4 ½ hours of breathtaking hunts!



beyond adrenaline

"Beyond Adrenaline" - ein Geheimtipp. 25 Bogenjagdszenen auf einer DVD!

B&C Grizzly Shot on the Charge Follow Pat on this over-the-shoulder stalk of a grizzly as he arrows him from 17 yards.

You won't believe what happens next!

Huge African Leopard Pat and Dries Visser get up close and personal with the #3 SCI leopard. Plus, live the nightmare

of being trapped inside a blind with a 10' black mamba - Africa's most deadly snake!

P&Y Kansas Whitetail Incredible footage of huge, free-roaming Kansas bucks including a scene so spectacular

that you have to see it to believe it.

Wild Boar Hunting in Tennessee Follow Pat, his wife Julie, and the late Jeff Coggins as they hunt wild boars during Bowsite.com's annual

"Magnificent Hog Hunt". Dedicated to our friend.

Louisiana Bowfishing Pat teams up with Muzzy's Mark Land for some night-time bowfishing fun.

Giant Gobblers in South Dakota A big, three-bearded Tom falls to a well-placed arrow.

Two Bonus Features! Challenge your bowhunting buddies to an interactive DVD game.

Consistent with our bloodtrail features, this game will drive you nuts. Exclusive! Follow along with the World's "Greatest" bloodtrailer!