Wie war das früher vor 40, 60 oder gar 80 Jahren mit dem Bogenschiessen

oder besser gesagt - der Bogenjagd?

Hier sind die Antworten als umfangreiche Sammlung von

Fred Bear, Howard Hill und Art Young.

Die DVDs sind in Englisch - nicht immer gut verständlich aber dafür

umso faszinierender zu sehen, was die Wurzel unseres heutigen

Bogenschiessens sind.


Bear DVD collection

Alle Folgen der legendären Serie von und mit Fred Bear!

Join legendary archer Fred Bear and fellow hunters as they trek across the globe in search of wild game.

This 4-disc DVD set has more than 8 hours of timeless footage that includes a rare glimpse

into the life and adventures of Fred Bear.

Follow him as he goes bowfishing in Florida, hunts the majestic polar bear in the bitter cold of the Arctic,

heads to Africa for several safaris on quests for plains game, lion and elephant,

takes a world record stone sheep in North America, and MUCH MORE.


howard hill greatest

"Howard Hills Greatest" - 40/50 Jahre Entertainment pur!

Howard Hill, perhaps the greatest archer to ever draw a longbow,

will amaze you with his daring and seemingly impossible archery feats!

More than a full hour of rare Howard Hill footage in this collection of seven short films including:

  • The Man Killers
  • Cavalcade of Archery
  • Battle of the Champs
  • Lazy Hunter
  • It's Done With Arrows
  • Filipino Sports Parade
  • King of the Archers


howard hill hunting and fishing

"Hunting and Fishing" Bogenjagen und Bogenfischen mit dem klassischen Langbogen

For the first time ever, Howard Hill's classic film, Hunting and Fishing with the Bow and Arrow is available on DVD. Enjoy approximately 60 minutes of vintage Howard Hill on film.

Includes Titles:

  • Archery
  • Hunting the Devil Cat
  • Sword Fishing (Narrated by Ronald Reagan)


howard hill tembo

"Tembo" Howard Hill auf Bogenjagd in Afrika

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This legendary Howard Hill film shows Africa nearly 50 years ago when it was known as "the dark continent."

Hill pursues leopard, lion, and the elephant called TEMBO! 90 minutes long.

As a double feature, this DVD contains the Howard Hill short feature Points on Arrows.

  • Follow the legend Howard Hill as he takes on "The Dark Continent"
  • Leopard, lion, and the mighty elephant Tembo
  • 90 minutes long


howard hill last wilderness

"The Last Wilderness" - ein Spielfilm mit Howard Hill

Howard Hill's full length movie The Last Wilderness, plus the short feature added bonus

of Hunting The Hard Way all on one DVD.

Nearly 1½ hours of vintage Howard Hill hunting, shooting, and adventure.

Bear, big horn sheep, moose and more. Join the "Master of the Longbow" in his younger days

as he shows us how it's done with his famous Howard Hill longbows.

  • Vintage Howard Hill hunting
  • Bear, sheep, moose and more
  • Nearly 1½ hours long


art young bowhunting legend

"Art Young - A bowhunting legend" - eine Zeitreise fast 100 Jahre in die Vergangenheit!

Mike Lapinsky takes you on a one of a kind journey with Art Young through the rugged, 1922 Alaskan Territory.

Throughout the DVD, Mike explains how our bowhunting legacy evolved from Art Young's time to today

and still remains a challenging up-close and personal sport.

You'll be transported back into the days of early bowhunting in America where you'll relive Art Young's

adventurous Alaskan hunts for trophy moose, huge grizzly bear and the majestic Dall's sheep,

all with his homemade Osage longbow and heavy birch wood arrows.

Experience the primitive conditions of how our bowhunting pioneers hunted and you'll have a new appreciation

for the phrase, hunting the hard way.

This special DVD is a classic that belongs in every bowhunters collection. Approximately 60 minutes long.

  • 1922 Alaskan Territory setting
  • See the evolution of archery
  • Hunts for moose, grizzly bear and Dall's sheep
  • Approximately 60 minutes